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Yes, yes, you read it right, ProjectB are proud to invite you to enjoy some S.E.X

Of course we're talking about our play, you guessed that, right? 

6 short plays, 1 common theme, 6 nights, that promised to exploit your most inner thoughts, stimulate your wants, needs and desires, touch your sensitivity, talk dirty to you and so much more!

We loved sharing some intimate moments with you!

S.E.X happened for five nights at Tinta Roja in Barcelona and one night at el Retiro in Sitges during March and April 2014.

Cast: David Chevers, Arnau Gol, Fran├žoise Greenacre, Daniel M  Jacobs, Mary Kopecky, Carrie Lillie, Elena Sandell, Siobhan Sheehan, Sarah Szucs, Mikel Tamirit, Benjamin Torbush.

Photo album credit: Marta Vall  & Caterina Pulina