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About us

After bumping into each other many times within the Barcelona theatre scene, working alongside each other on numerous occasions and basically getting on like a house on fire,  the inevitable question arose after a few glasses of red wine.

It was a simple statement- like question 'why don't we just start our own theatre company' and so it was to be, ProjectB was born.

Born out of friendship, respect, love for the theatre and the sharing of good wine. 

ProjectB provides quality theatre in English by producing entertaining, thought-provoking performances. We endeavour to entertain, enrich and educate via thematic theatrical productions, thus providing different perspectives of both ourselves and the society we live in.

Established in 2011 we write, direct and produce ProjectB's original productions and have played to audiences in Barcelona and Sitges in Catalunya.

A special shout out to Rebecca Ronayne and Irene Slotboom who were there with us at our beginning.